We are

Key to Loyalty
in Retail

Built on trust and teamwork. Grounded in experience.
Engaged in our clients success and happiness of their customers.

We are

Key to Loyalty in Retail

At KLR, we apply a unique combination of teamwork, expertise and international experience to deliver bespoke loyalty solutions that work.
We know loyalty is more than just collecting points. It’s about understanding your customers, your business and your markets — and delivering solutions that help you achieve your goals.

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Human Centered

Loyalty Marketing

One of the things that makes us special is that we’re hands on. We personally handle and work with each and every client, which means we’re always providing individualised attention.

We believe that loyalty is not about money or rewards, but about understanding your audience’s needs and delivering what they want. We put the people at the core of our work, because only genuine and meaningful relationships can result in long-lasting customer loyalty.

360° Loyalty

We’ve been working on international markets for years, and we know what it takes to win. We’re flexible, quick, and smart enough to deliver all the services tailored specifically to each client’s needs.
Our international presence with a strong network of partners all around the world allows us to offer the best prices and logistic efficiency.

We develop winning loyalty marketing strategies that bring concrete results because we know how to understand our clients’ business goals and their customers’ needs.
KLR offers a stress free campaign execution and management. Our international network of local suppliers allows us to handle all the necessary operations required for a successful campaign.
Each campaign for us is the opportunity to learn something new, this is the reason why campaign measurement and analytics is an important part of our working process.

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Built on trust and teamwork. Grounded in experience.
Engaged in our clients success and happiness of their customers.

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150 retail chains that trusted us and more than 1000 successful campaigns around Europe cannot be wrong: we are experts with a long and successful history. 


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We design and deliver loyalty marketing campaigns with positive results. 10 Years of experience and 1000 campaigns completed in more than 10 countries are a guarantee that you can trust us.

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