We have a full range of services that allow us to deliver concrete results to our clients. Happy rewarded loyal customers mean more visits in-store, stable or increased turnover and a better reputation. 


360° Loyalty Marketing Tailor Made Service

We’ve been working in international markets for years and we know what it takes to win. We work with you to create solutions to deliver sales, growth and brand recognition.

Our Tailor-made

We’re flexible, quick, and smart enough to deliver all the services tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Our international presence with a strong network of partners all around Europe allows us to offer the best prices and logistics efficiency. Whether you are looking for a dedicated partner or just want advice on the best route from A to B, KLR team is here for you.

Full Cycle of our Services

We cover all the stages, from understanding our clients’ goals to loyalty campaign execution. Campaign analytics allow us to deliver even better results each time in long-term partnerships with our clients and their customers.

The Process

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Loyalty Marketing Strategic Development

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than a great product to stand out. At KLR, we help clients to tell their stories and captivate audiences using integrated marketing communications that are brand-centric and highly measurable.

Loyalty Marketing Strategic Development

A business that respects its local roots has a particular identity that can become part of its marketing strenght. Even companies that market further afield can look back to their place of origin and use it to help their positioning. The “local touch” can be a unique take on what the business offers. Far more consumers identify with businesses that are (or seem) local than those that are generic in their branding.

Tailored Marketing Mechanics

Tailored marketing dives into your brand’s target audience. One of the goals of tailored marketing is to make sure your communication reaches the people you’re supposed to be reaching and the campaign mechanics is a right driver to achieve your goals.

Tailor-made program
concept development

Tailor-made program concept development

We deliver tailor-made loyalty program concepts that your customers and will love. We do this by analyzing market trends and analytics gathering insights into what excites, motivates and inspires your customers to develop the best solutions for each market.

Full Loyalty Campaign Management

As a company, KLR offers 360-degree marketing campaign management, from development to delivery. As a result, with us, our clients have complete control during all the stages. From strategic planning to daily operations, from logistics and stock management to stuff training and motivation – you’re in charge of your campaign. Let us help you achieve your business goals!

  • Campaign marketing
  • Strategy&development
  • Logistics & stock management
  • Posm design and delivery
  • Campaign running support
  • Staff training and motivation
  • Campaign analytics and reports
  • Events and advertising management

Loyalty Measurement and Analytics

Long-term satisfied consumers are the result of a positive experience. Offering such an experience requires a thorough knowledge of your clients. Customer loyalty analytics uses sales and client data to find actionable insights into user behavior to see how loyal your consumers are to your business and what can drive them to increase purchases, visits and communication. Customer Retention Rate (CRR), Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR), Social Media Audits, Discovery Workshops and other custom metrics help us together with the client to find the best way to deliver a winning loyalty campaign.

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