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Bugatti Prestigio for Viada – Latvia


Some key points about the Bugatti Prestigio knives and cookware Loyalty campaign we did for Viada Latvia.


Petrol Stations




Bugatti Prestigio
kitchen products

Bugatti Prestigio Loyalty Campaign for Viada Latvia by KLR Europe

Bugatti Prestigio for Viada – Latvia


This loyalty campaign featuring Bugatti limited edition Damascus knives, cast iron and baking ceramics involve offering customers the opportunity to earn points for each 10€ spent in VIADA petrol stations. These points can then be redeemed for Bugatti products: 5 or 10 points collected allow to VIADA customers to purchase Bugatti products with a 60% discount.


For 90 years, Bugatti design is distinguished by the unique style in which high technology blends with Italian taste for shapes and details; links with the territory and craftsmanship tradition live together with the eyes open to the contemporary world and its values; from experience sharing to environmental sustainability. Bugatti designs and manufactures products for the table and kitchen, cutlery and small household appliances that are highly innovative and have an original and sophisticated design.


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